Executive Leadership

Accomplished, balanced leaders with over 250 years of collective aviation industry experience.

Matt Yerbic

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Dolan

President - Airframe Services

Brian Olsen

President - Component and Engineering Solutions

Brian Hirshman

Consulting Board Member

Dayna Eden

Chief People Officer

Nima Seyedali

Vice President - General Counsel

Joe Greenwood

Senior VP Accessories Operations and Component/ Engineering Solutions Sales

Gabe Doleac

Chief Financial Officer

Trey Bryson

Senior Vice President - Airframe - MCI

Clark Graves

Vice President - Information Technology

Carla Bowman

Vice President - Op Ex, Quality and EH&S

David Keimig

General Manager - Engineering Solutions

Phil Fields

SVP, Commercial, Programs & Planning – Airframe Services

Darek Schiesser

Vice President - Airframe Programs