We hold the following industry ratings and authorizations for providing aircraft MRO and component repair services, as well as USM to our global customer base.

ATS Corporate SMS at Everett and Moses, Lake, WA; Kansas City, MO; and Fort Worth, TX facilities is formally accepted by the FAA

  ATS Contact: David Frisk
   Director, Quality Assurance
   Everett, WA USA
   Phone: +1 425 423 3847

Ranger Air Certifications:

  • ASA-100 Accredited
  • ASA Regular Member
  • Meet FAA Advisory Circular 00-56B Standards
  • Recent ASA-100 and individual airline audits completed successfully
  • IATA and CFR49 course requirements for Hazardous Material Handling fulfilled
To view our ASA-100 accreditation, please click here.
To view our ASA Regular Member certificate, please click here.
  Ranger Air Contact
   Lewsville, TX USA
   Phone: +1 972 245 6699