Diversity & Comm+Unity


At ATS, we welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, knowing and appreciating that different perspectives make for positive change and experiences. Our goal is to continually bring more diversity and inclusion into our organization, and we have named the initiative our ATS Comm+Unity Project.


Why the odd formatting of Comm+Unity? Because communication is key to the success of any career, relationship, business, or program. And unity leads to collaboration and a sense of fulfillment in your workplace. Bolt the two words together and you have community. A feeling we strive for every day at ATS.

Personnel from across the organization can join our Employee Resource Group (ERG), called our IDEA Committee. The group focuses on enhancing our ATS culture by being the voice of our inclusion, diversity, and equity programs.


Giving back to our community is an important part of our culture at ATS. We have several ways for employees to get involved including group volunteer outings, on-campus drives, and matching individual volunteer time. In addition, we have more than 30 years of support and giving to United Way and its extensive work to support children and their families.

ATS Volunteers of America Outing


At ATS, we believe acting as an environmentally responsible organization requires commitment to a different way of thinking, and the returns add up. We go beyond simply reducing, reusing, and recycling initiatives and consider the effect on the environment with every decision. We are continually reducing our carbon footprint through water treatment upgrades, adding high-efficiency ventilation systems and low-energy facility lighting, along with other efforts.