Extensive technical capabilities and expert technicians with deep domain knowledge for repairing metal and complex composite structures.

Radome assemblies protect the weather radar housed on the nose of aircraft. Weather radars operate at specific frequencies, which the radome assembly must allow to effectively pass through to allow the equipment to properly operate.

Radomes are subject to various damage, including hail, bird strikes and impact damage from ground structures like hangar doors and maintenance equipment. Any damage to the radome makes it susceptible to moisture ingression into the layers of fiberglass, which can block the specific frequency(s) from reaching the weather radar. A transmissivity/transmission efficiency test measures how well the weather radar transmits and receives the electromagnetic activity.

Aviation Technical Services can inspect and repair a wide variety of items related to effective airplane radome performance. We also offer comprehensive airplane radome testing. All inspected / repaired radomes will be returned to service with a final transmissivity report and 8130-3. We offer a range of aircraft radome repair services, including:

  • RTCA DO-213A compliance report
  • Moisture ingression inspection and repair
  • Customer paint templates for exact paint matching to the aircraft
  • Replacement of diverters
  • Radome repair from impact damage
  • Replacement and repair of latches and internal latch covers
  • Repair of delamination(s) 
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