Thirty-two million (32M) man-hours of Maintenance and Modification services performed over the last 16 years.

ATS has performed hundreds of aircraft connectivity modifications on both Airbus and Boeing aircraft including:

  • KU/KA-Band Connectivity System modifications
    • Recently completed installation of 129 systems onto A320 aircraft
  • ATG4 Wi-Fi system (STC ST03410NY)
    • Over 100 systems installed since 2014
  • SATCOM Installations (including Inmarsat and Iridium SATCOM systems)
    • Over 200 new system installations in wide and narrow body aircraft
    • More than 700 repairs, upgrades and system tests

Our depth of experience results in reduced span times, predictable delivery dates and reduced costs in aircraft Wi-Fi systems for the customer.

Phil Fields
Vice President, Airframe & Engineering Sales
Everett, WA USA
Phone: +1 (425) 423-3257