Thirty-two million (32M) man-hours of Maintenance and Modification services performed over the last 16 years.

Aircraft avionics are always evolving, and ATS has experienced engineers and technicians for installing, repairing and upgrading avionics to meet emerging regulatory requirements and operating with increased precision. We offer a full range of avionics maintenance solutions, as well as avionics installation, avionics engineering services, and avionics repair services. The avionics and electrical team at ATS bring with them extensive experience in completing aircraft upgrades and repair for systems such as:

  • Next-gen flight management systems
  • Terrain Awareness/Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (TAWS/EGPWS)
  • CRT to LCD control panel upgrades
  • Communication systems
  • Weather radar systems
  • Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems
  • ATC Transponder system
Phil Fields
Vice President, Airframe & Engineering Sales
Everett, WA USA
Phone: +1 (425) 423-3257