Core Services


ATS’ Class 4 Facilities are experienced in providing aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services on virtually any aircraft.


With more than 45 years’ experience in complete aircraft overhaul, ATS offers one of the most comprehensive component repair shops in the industry.


ATS has an in-house team of over 75 skilled engineers ready to support turn-key operations through all phases of your aviation MRO project.

Alternate Solutions

We partner with OEMs and customers to develop new PMA, STC and aircraft repair solutions and aviation MRO services to address high cost, long lead time and high failure parts.

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Use our search tool to explore our component repair capabilities by part number, or download our complete capabilities list using the “Download All Capabilities” link (Excel or .CSV) and sort by ATA chapter, part number, manufacturer, description, engine model and aircraft type. This tool provides consolidated results for all of our component repair locations (American Cooler Service, Aviation Industry Repair, ATS Everett -PAE, ATS DFW, and TPS Aerospace). For further assistance on a specific part quote or to ask a question, use the “Request Quote or Information” button below.

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Aviation Technical Services (ATS) Announces New Chief People Officer

August 15, 2018

Everett, Washington (August 13, 2018) ― Aviation Technical Services (ATS) today announced that Dayna Eden has joined the company effective July 9, 2018 as the company’s first Chief People Officer (CPO). In this new position, Dayna will lead ATS’ HR group and will drive continued development and execution of the company’s People strategy—including ATS recruiting, ...

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Aviation Technical Services (ATS) Acquires Ranger Air

July 11, 2018

Everett, Washington (July 11, 2018) ― Aviation Technical Services (ATS) today announced that it has acquired Ranger Air, a premier supplier of aircraft component and inventory solutions located in Lewisville, Texas. For over 16 years, Ranger Air has introduced innovative inventory management programs and has stocked and traded parts for virtually every commercial airframe and …

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Aviation Technical Services (ATS) Announces New Senior Director of Sales

June 26, 2018

Aviation Technical Services (ATS) today announced that Debbie Chandler has joined the company effective June 18, 2018 as Senior Director of Sales. In this new position, Debbie will be responsible for sales growth at the ATS Components sites in Everett and Dallas-Fort Worth as well as provide support to a customer base that includes major …

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Aviation Technical Services (ATS) Partners with AMAI for Aircraft Cargo Bay Protection Solutions

April 9, 2018

Aviation Technical Services (ATS) today announced that it has partnered with Bill Boyer of Aerospace Machining and Assembly Inc. (AMAI) to develop, market and distribute their suite of cargo bay protection solutions including the Cargo Pit Liner, Side Wall Protectors, and Anchor Guards.

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