Thirty-two million (32M) man-hours of Maintenance and Modification services performed over the last 16 years.

ATS has performed hundreds of aircraft connectivity modifications on both Airbus and Boeing aircraft including:

  • KU/KA-Band Connectivity System modifications
    • Recently completed installation of 129 systems onto A320 aircraft
  • ATG4 Wi-Fi system (STC ST03410NY)
    • Over 100 systems installed since 2014
  • SATCOM Installations (including Inmarsat and Iridium SATCOM systems)
    • Over 200 new system installations in wide and narrow body aircraft
    • More than 700 repairs, upgrades and system tests

Our depth of experience results in reduced span times, predictable delivery dates and reduced costs in aircraft WIFI systems for the customer.

Phil Fields
Vice President, Airframe & Engineering Sales
Everett, WA USA
Phone: +1 (425) 423-3257