January 9, 2020

Aircraft teardown activity will be handled through its ATS-Ranger Air operations

Everett, Washington
(January 8, 2020) ― Aviation Technical Services (ATS) today announced it has purchased a Boeing 767-3G5ER to increase inventory of available parts at its Ranger Air location near the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas airport (DFW) where component sales, inventory management and AOG activity is conducted. ATS will utilize its own component repair shops in Everett, WA and the DFW area (including American Cooler, Aviation Industry Repair (AIR), and TPS Aerospace) to make available reliable, quality parts to airlines and aircraft operators. ATS, an award-winning provider of airframe MRO and component support services, plans to further leverage its Ranger business through future purchases of additional aircraft throughout 2020 and onwards.

“The purchase of an aircraft for teardown has been a goal of our ATS-Ranger operations since they became part of the ATS team in July of 2018,” said Brian Olsen, President of Components and Technical Solutions at ATS. “To see a goal become reality is always exciting, but this one is extra special due to the unwavering dedication of the individuals involved.”

About Aviation Technical Services (ATS):
ATS leverages 50 years of experience identifying and alleviating airline and aircraft operator MRO pain points. As an industry-leading provider of comprehensive MRO and support services for commercial and military aircraft, it is focused on making the MRO process better through reducing span times, increasing mechanic efficiency, and lowering overall costs through maintenance prevention strategies.

Offerings include:
Airframe Services: Heavy maintenance and modification

Component Repair: Accessories, composites, electrical and fuel components, flight control surfaces, hydraulics, pneumatics and structures
Asset Management: Component part sales, inventory management, and AOG services available for virtually every commercial airframe and engine platform

Engineering Solutions: PMA parts, STC offerings, as well as design and repair engineering

For more information, please visit: atsmro.com, follow @atsmrotech on Twitter and join ATS on Facebook.


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