Aviation Technical Services (ATS) Announces Launch of Apprenticeship Program

February 18, 2019

Initiative Designed to Attract Talent and Grow the Pipeline of Industry-Leading Professional Aviation Mechanics

Everett, Washington (February 1, 2019) ― Aviation Technical Services (ATS) today announced its launch of an innovative approach to the recruiting, hiring and training of entry-level mechanics called the ATS Apprenticeship Program. It is designed to build the next generation of talent, as ATS along with the entire MRO industry, faces a skilled labor shortage. The idea is to attract new recruits to the aerospace industry and encourage them to consider new career pathways in order to provide a sustainable and engaged workforce.

As the global aviation industry faces a rise in demand, the number of aging maintenance technicians leaving the workforce is projected to outpace the number preparing to enter it for most of the next decade. For ATS, this brings the essentiality of hiring, training and retaining a skilled workforce into urgent focus in order for the company to continue providing the best possible customer service.

“The ATS Apprenticeship Program is an investment in the company’s number one resource: our people,” said Dayna Eden, Chief People Officer. “Our new Apprenticeship Program is an excellent way for anyone who wants to get started or launch their second career in the aviation industry all while getting paid to do so. This initiative meets people where they are at, assists them in getting their license, provides a transparent promotion process, and communicates clear career pathways so that technicians can experience long-term growth at ATS.”

The program supports new apprentices through their first 18 to 24 months on the job at which time they would have the option to apply and test for their Airframe License.  Academy trainers work with Apprentices, regularly providing them with the training and tools they need to progress through the levels. Apprentices will advance at their own pace because the program is not based on time, but on competency as measured by the progression criteria. No matter where they start, the system is set up for success and long-term growth at ATS. Apprentices are coached on both technical skills as well as personal development in order to continually develop and advance aviation technicians at every level.

The People Department continually partners with local high schools, technical and community colleges, work source entities, and government agencies located near each of the ATS sites in Washington, Missouri and Texas. Presentation and marketing materials to these groups have been updated to highlight the benefits of the ATS Apprenticeship Program.

Although the program officially launched at the end of January, it has been in development for over a year. It is one of several initiatives under the banner of the ATS Academy within the People Department. The ATS Apprenticeship Program is led in collaboration with tenured technical trainers and an experienced learning and development team.

Sherry Cole Bergstrom
Director of Marketing, PR and Communications
Phone: +1 425 423 3037