Aviation Technical Services (ATS) Partners with AMAI for Aircraft Cargo Bay Protection Solutions

April 9, 2018

Cargo Pit Liner panels are custom tooled to protect the cargo bay floor and accommodate all fasteners and openings. (PRNewsfoto/Aviation Technical Services)

EVERETT, Wash., April  9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Aviation Technical Services (ATS) today announced that it has partnered with Bill Boyer of Aerospace Machining and Assembly Inc. (AMAI) to develop, market and distribute their suite of cargo bay protection solutions including the Cargo Pit Liner, Side Wall Protectors, and Anchor Guards. This suite of easy to install products offers airlines a solution that dramatically reduces damage to their aircraft cargo bays. Cargo bay damage and related issues are fast becoming a leading cause of aircraft gate delays in addition to being a significant recurring maintenance expense.

“ATS is proud to offer these new products to our airline customers because these simple yet effective solutions work together to significantly reduce or eliminate some of the most common cargo bay damage, yielding drastically improved reliability for commercial carriers while simultaneously reducing costs,” said ATS CEO Matt Yerbic.

The new products offer numerous advantages for narrow-body aircraft operators. The Cargo Pit Liner and Side Wall Protector are customized airplane cargo hold panels that protect the pit floor and lower side area from damage including dents and scratches as well as keep damaging fluids from entering the cargo pit sub-structure. They can be quickly

replaced or removed for easy access to the sub-floor. The Anchor Guards protect the tie-down anchors from damage from moving bags and cargo. They attach quickly and save on repair costs and delays from inoperative cargo nets.

“AMAI is excited to partner with ATS, a local MRO based in the Seattle area with customers across the globe, for the development and distribution of these and more products that help solve critical challenges for airlines,” said Bill Boyer, founder of AMAI.

ATS will offer the entire suite of AMAI’s airplane cargo hold protection solutions effective immediately.

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