Our high standards on safety and quality of service have earned ATS broad industry recognition from our peers and OEM partners

“Putting Quality, Safety, & Compliance First”

This central pillar in the company policy of ATS establishes a commitment to all of our employees and customers. ATS has successfully implemented a Safety Management System (SMS) as a structured approach for assessing and managing risk with the benefit of high levels of quality, safety, and compliance. Our SMS has been accepted by the FAA and is continuously reviewed to assure it facilitates the best possible service to our customers.

A Culture of Safety

ATS encourages all employees to participate in its SMS by actively reporting concerns and identifying hazards. ATS employees incur no disciplinary action when they self-report and are given the opportunity to assist in the identification of potential root causes and risk-mitigating actions.  ATS has established a confidential Safety Hotline, as well as a FAA-endorsed Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), to facilitate self-reporting by all employees.

To further promote a culture of safety, ATS conducts safety reviews, from Safety Review Boards of senior leadership to a monthly Safety Committee, consisting of employee volunteers, to actively identify concerns and implement improvement initiatives.

At all levels of the organization, the ATS philosophy is, rather than placing blame on individuals, to identify and resolve precursors to incidents.

Self Assessments

In addition to hosting hundreds of audits annually from our wide customer base, our dedicated Quality Assurance and Safety Department staff members execute a risk-based schedule of internal audits to assure safe and compliant operations.  Audit results are used to proactively identify issues, and to promote corresponding responsible action at all levels within the organization.

Employee safety is always a priority at ATS
Jeff Cornell
Sr Director, Quality
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